11 February, 2016 - NME.com
Deadpool actor T.J. Miller has criticised Ricky Gervais for mocking Hollywood mercilessly while hosting this year's Golden Globe Awards. Miller, who plays Deadpool's friend Weasel in the comic book movie, previously called out Gervais last month when he was given his own opportunity to host a Hollywood awards ceremony. "How abrasive do you have to be to make us feel bad for Mel Gibson?" Miller told the audience at the Critics' Choice Awards, referencing a joke Gervais had made at the recent Golden Globes ceremony. Now Miller has explained at length why he disagrees with Gervais's approach to hosting the Golden Globes. "Culturally America is at the forefront and our media is globally influential and these award shows, although we can make fun of them for being empty and ridiculous, we also should say that these people worked their whole lives to make content and make movies and television that are important to people," he said during a SiriusXM radio interview. "So let's celebrate them. It's OK for us all to get drunk and congratulate each other. Like, let it go. So... f**k you Ricky Gervais," he added. Miller went on to poke fun at two of Gervais's Hollywood film efforts, saying of his flop 2008 comedy Ghost Town: "The only thing funny about it was that he was in it. And Ghost Town was less a movie and more a description of the theaters in which it played." "And then The Invention of Lying?," Miller continued. "I'll invent a lie. Ricky Gervais has done anything interesting since The Office. There's a lie right there." Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards for the fourth time this year, having previously presided over the annual awards ceremony in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Catch up with his 10 most provocative jokes from the 2016 event here.
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Meek Mill - Tupac Back (feat. Rick Ross)
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[Rick Ross]
Tupac back, Tupac back
There’s all these bitches screaming that Tupac back
All eyes on me, better Picture Me Rollin’
Buying brand new rims, but them bitches is stolen
Stranded on Death Row, Brenda having my baby
But I’m stacking my paper, I need a brand new Mercedes
They screaming Tupac back, Tupac back
There’s all these btiches screaming that Tupac back

[Meek Mill]
huh, Tupac back, I’m 2 glocks strapped
Rolling down in Philly this the new Iraq
Soon as I hit the the hood they screaming who got wacked
It’s a recession on the work, I’m screaming who got crack
I’m sippin Hennessy, riding on my muthaf-cking enemies
Sliding in the back screamin MMG (Maybach Music)
10 bitches and they dime so it’s Tennessee
Hail Mary, put my wrist on froze
Presidential is gold, n-gga play with my money my Jeweller lifting his soul
40 kick like in soccer? Bullets hittin’ the goal
Bitch I’m like John Wall cause I just give em and go
Plotting on this new 7, I can picture me rolling
Pockets look like they pregnant because them bitches is swollen
Got a ? my cologne, all them snitches could hold em
Look at them muthaf-ckin’ wheels, them bitches is stolen
They screamin’…


[Meek Mill]
Mommy a soldier, daddy is dead
Catch the n-gga that did it, and we gon’ carry his head
F-ck 911, tell em have him in?
Talking Death Row records, tell em have me a chair
Let it burn, I’m screaming free my n-gga Earl?
He’s due in, no hestitation we can’t even get a turn
And my Mackaveli CD then I listened than I learned
Grabbed my Mac above the dresser, my OG’s say hold it firm
I’m dreaming spitting with Pac, cyphers with BIG
Try to send me upstate with the license ?
Had me scraping ym wax, sleeping, my knife in the bed
Got a n-gga on point like there’sa price on my head
I going max, got me knocking suckers and they back
In the cell, raising hell, tryna get back to the trap
But don’t ever get it twisted it’s Meek Mill spittin’ facts
PLus somebody said they seen it and they mean it so they steady screaming