SOB X RBE - Carpoolin' (2018)

SOB X RBE - Carpoolin' (2018)
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[Intro] Yo...what are you doing here? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? [Verse 1: DaBoii] Bitch! Get off on who you mad at Niggas laughing, we is down, now they laughed at Bitch swallow all my kids, I’m a bad dad Looking for revenge with this Glock, once we tap tap Stich brain on the opps watch ‘em quack, quack Indian giver with his life, he can’t have back He ain’t putting in work, he a half ass Can’t ride the wave, go home on your back pack Bitch, what type of shit is you on? Yeah that’s your bitch but my dick, she be on 8 in a liter, when I sip it be strong Ain’t tryna chase a bag? Dumb bitch then be gone Offense with them straps, you gon’ need D Want beef with the gang, you ‘gon need cheese John Cena with them tints, you can’t see me Fuck the law, catch a case, nigga free Theeze If I gotta think twice, I won’t think at all Bitch we won, all smoke, ain’t no peace at all Treat the ops like a blunt, I’ll chief ‘em all Before you play in that field, nigga kick balls B-b-b-bitch Yeah, and we is not playin’ You know DaBoii, he a beast you can not tame him Take a chain on this neck, you are not able Whole gang full of demons, we are not angels House visit with the chop, that’s who rock cradle All the eyes on us, but we not cable Stand tall through it all, but we not tables Niggas wanna play? Game on ‘cause we not playful [Verse 2: Slimmy B] B-b-b-bitch Who the fuck gon’ stop me? All this ice on, who the fuck gon’ rob me? All these shooters with me, who the fuck gon’ try me? High of the kush, in the clouds you can find me I don’t fuck with niggas like a nazi Nobody else, then I know God got me Hi-Tech turn a nigga to a zombie And I don’t want the puss, lil baby just top me (give me head) I’ll set it off in this bitch Feel like Rick Ross, I’m the boss in this bitch Smack for a band, don’t get bought in this bitch Make you bulletproof the whip, like Young Dolph in that bitch (boom, boom) Touch a hundred bands, yeah I did that Hit the lot, couple bands, yeah I did that This street shit, naw nigga you don’t live that Aid or a kick back, real nigga been that (lil’ nigga) LV and Gucci had to mismatch And for the right price, you can get your bitch back Tired of them broke niggas? I can fix that Just bought a Glock with the plug, where them sticks at? Get to bustin’ have you niggas running, zig-zags (boom, boom) Hit the road, get the bag, then I flip that All the time my brother got, he can’t get back But I got bands for him tucked when he get back [?] a nigga got, I’ll switch it up When you jump in these streets ain’t no givin’ up Big .40, I’ll make a nigga give it up And nigga reach for the chain, imma hit ‘em up Crazy when you see your day ones switchin’ up Crazy when you see the opp niggas clickin’ up Fucking on a ho bitch? You niggas sick as fuck And if it ain’t about a bag, I ain't picking up [Verse 3: Yhung T.O.] First off, suck a nigga dick Pole for an opp coming, suck a nigga clip Clip so long, that it’s poking off my hip If I wasn’t taken, I’d take a nigga bitch Am I really insane? (Yeah bitch it’s true) Six figures to my name? (Yeah bitch it’s true) Heard I don’t fuck with you? (Yeah bitch it’s true) Fuck what you thought, fuck what you knew I’m a gold diggin’ nigga, need a check out a bitch I’ll pass her to the gang, they get neck out the bitch You was texting like you with it, what you scared for? Let me hit it from the back, break the headboard If not, I don’t give a fuck I got diamonds in my mouth, when I talk bitches lust Fuck it up sus, nigga getting at me wrong, I’ll fuck ‘em up sus Chop with a drum, cook fuckin’ up my lungs Cops looking for the Glock, ‘cause they think a nigga dumb You will never see me posing with another nigga funds You will never see me clutching on another nigga gun Bitch I’m a soldier, I don’t got no limit I’m a foreign car driver, I don’t ride no Civic I’m a wild ass nigga and I don’t act civil I don’t smoke no kush, I don’t smoke no skittles Addicted to them racks, I’m a motherfuckin’ thief All these bands still hanging out my motherfuckin’ jeans Give a nigga all head ‘til its barely dome I been running at that bag ‘til it’s barely gone Let a nigga hit like I’m Barry Bonds And I don’t fuck with niggas, I’m a uncle tom Four-five on my hip but I’ll tote a nine And if you ever take my bitch she was barely mine [Outro] RBE SOB that’s the gang bitch