Kodak Black - Snot Thot (2017)

Kodak Black - Snot Thot (2017)
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[Conversation] (Chick): Girl came to the door yesterday asking for you (Kodak): Yes, but it was Saturday out there, I was at church (Chick): Nigga, don't go to church (Kodak): How you gon' tell me I don't go to church (Chick): Nigga, don't go to church, nigga (Kodak): How you gon' tell me I don't go to church, go ask Jesus, ask Jesus (Chick): I'm gonna get you mad, right, for this (Kodak): I need my money (Chick): What? (Kodak): I need my money, I need my money [Verse] That's when they find that you and me, we in suit Everybody ain't gonna like it when you here Girl, I come 'bout no frowned, they make you frown I don't care if that's the only reason you came for That's always make me figure til that one crank I can't find no love so I went to the bank Auh, I should live for love, so I went to the bank We met at D.O.A and then we met again at chase Every thug need a shoulder they can lean on I like what's on your shoulders, good head you be thinkin' homes Speakin' of head, I hate sex but I love my peter blown You're a lil freaky hoe but you compete with her I'm sorry when I fuck I'll leave my bling on I'm sorry when I fuck I lead my rhythm See I'm a dog, I be just trynna get me a bone Here on a spree of smoke, don't need to leave her on Stray dog, I don't need a home I don't be at home I'm fleeing home Raw dawg when I fuck with her no rubber but my ski is on She heard I'm snot side nigga over there She heard I'm snot sneaky nigga over there They tellin' me she a thot, that hoe over there But I don't even care if she got gonorrhea They say she a sick bitch heard she got syphilis Why don't I go ahead first, jumpin' straight in it I'm just kiddin' but I love that lil' bitch But I don't care if she sends sluts to my bed And I don't need you tellin' me about how she do She fuck everybody, and I fuck everybody too Everybody say she out here trickin' I don't give a damn 'bout how she get it Everybody say she got all the niggas So what? I got all the bitches We got chemistry, fuck your history I don't care if she was out here strippin' I'm tellin' you baby, they ain't gon' like you jumpin' out that Bentley Hittin' the scene in the blink, um, T-Double-D, you Trina Everybody tellin' me she ain't shit But nigga, I ain't shit either And I don't give a damn 'bout none of that shit mah nigga said He tryna convince me he seen you on backpage Everybody got an opinion, I don't give a damn anyway I took her on a private plane, I took her on a dinner date Everybody fuckin', everybody sinnin' So what's wrong with turnin' that hoe into a princess Yap, I can turn that hoe into a model Scoope her in the Benz, Tiago, no more Monte Carlo If she ain't in a coop with me, I want nobody in it Bentley, cologne Gucci and my windows very tinted Babe, don't call me essay but I love it when we kick it Fuck that he say, she say, they don't know about it, damn They ain't gon' like it, they ain't gon' like it They ain't gon' like us, they gon' wanna fight ya And I don't like people but I think I like her I don't let that hoe inside my house now, I don't wife her If I wife her I'm Steve Austin with the ring There's a stone cold diamon on her finger and it bling I'm 'bout to cut off all my friends I'm 'bout to cut off all I can Man, that pussy be pullin' me in, I thought it was a one night stand I thought it was a one night stand Like the lamp on my dresser So she loves dirty hustler, but this girl special Thought she was a fling, thought she was a fling I've been havin' dream lately, she might be my main 'Cause you eat my ummm, 'cause you be my baby Lifes gave me lemon, wonder could you be my main squeeze I don't fell in love with a nat But every sinner got a future, and every saint got a past So I ain't give a hoe a whole account about of where I'm at 'Cause baby see you ride, yo, that lil' bitch, she got my back Baby she be ridin', that lil' bitch, she got my back Then when we ride, yo, my 'lil bitch she hold her strap My nigga startin' cryin' when we went out in scraps My babe more real than you, she one thou, keep that shit a stack I don't throw no money Took my bitch to the club and threw some racks Man with the plan, master mind my crafts No more shootin' craps I ain't no dog but call me cannon with lubane fuckin' on a brat My lil bitch a brat, I hear how she act, but I love how she act That's my lil diva If you keep it up I'm put you on a TV-show I was just trynna rap, you turned me to a singer Found my focus back, turned me to believer